About us

All new things become old.
They deteriorate and become a nuisance.
Nothing lasts forever.
But there are always exceptions.
We offer solutions that last.
Humankind does not have the right to burden nature and our surrounding environment with its activities.

Greenforce is an environment-friendly company. We use types of plastics in our production that do not pollute or decompose.

We want to be a pathfinder in ecological production. Clean industry and technology create a separate value.

Greenforce was established in 2009, and as of today the company operates in Russia, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

Our main activities include the production of plastic devices, tanks, pipes and ventilation systems.

We have experience in the production and renovation of different water and chemical tanks and other necessary devices for the chemical industry.

Greenforce is also engaged in the production and maintenance of plastic scrubbers.

Our manufactured devices help to prevent the distribution of toxic chemicals and dust into nature.

If you are looking for contemporary technological solutions or would like to find an alternative to your deteriorating tanks, then contact us.

We offer effective and high-quality solutions.

Our main activities are:

We have wide experience in producing simple tanks, more complex reactors, heat-exchangers, ventilation systems and other apparatus for water and chemicals industry.

If You deal with corrosive substances and look for solutions to Your everyday problems with corrosion - contact us!

We will find the best solution to Your problems.